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Lesley Holliday

“With ladies size 8 long slim feet, I have always had trouble with socks, getting a brand that suits and stays where it should and then does not let my toe poke out in no time at all, but the fit and comfort of these socks is brilliant, they support in just the correct areas and I like the fact that they have a left and right foot to the pair, like shoes, you would not be comfortable putting your left foot in your right shoe, so I think the same goes for socks too.

I have not washed them yet, but am sure they will wash well, due to the quality of the socks.

Think I will have to give more Workforce socks for Christmas gifts, as family and friends will be much more pleased in receiving these socks. They will look forward to getting a gift of socks that will give pleasure to the feet.

Thanks Workforce Socks, keep up your Very Good Work.”


Product Tester at World Fishing & Aquaculture

“These socks are very comfortable and keep my feet warm while working outdoors. They seem to be very durable. Although they are rather tight to get on and off, they do not slip down at all.”


Chris Powell – Train Conductor

“Working as a train conductor for the past 9 plus years, one thing that always annoyed me was how quickly I wore out socks.

The job means often being on my feet for up to 10 hours a day and, for safety, having to wear steel toed shoes. This was a nightmare on both my feet and my socks, with holes regularly appearing both by the toes and the heel. I often joked with my wife and daughter that they were my religious socks – “holy” but the cost of regularly replacing socks meant it was no real joking matter.

Over the years I tried various “work” socks but they were often ill-fitting, uncomfortable and just ended up work through anyway. Then I spotted an ad for Workforce socks and went to look at their page, an offer of a free sample enticed me to apply for a trial and boy am I glad I did.

The socks are well fitted and very comfortable to wear, even after a long shift I am happy wearing them. They are super warm, which is a must when you are on and off trains and station platforms in all weathers, but best of all they are durable. Key areas like the heel and toes are reinforced so even after weeks of wear they are still in one piece with no holes. I would thoroughly recommend Workforce to anyone, and have got them on my Christmas list this year!”


Jasber Singh – Builder

“These socks are very good and warm. I have tried quite a few socks from different shops in the past but none were as comfortable as the Workforce socks. They do not make your feet too hot like other socks and are good quality. They wash well and I would definitely consider buying these again.”“


Pavan Paul – Building site manager

“I tried the Workforce socks recently and have to say I was very impressed with the quality and fit of these socks. I usually buy specialist socks for use on site and these are better than my current favourite brand.

These are warm without becoming too hot and allow your feet to stay comfortable all day. The material is good and they have washed well. I will certainly be looking to buy more of these in future.”


Mian Mohammad Afzal – Builder

“These socks are very comfortable and warm to wear and after wearing these I suggested my workmates and friends get them too. It’s important to have comfy socks like these when building.”


Tamsin Westhorpe – Editor, The English Garden.

“The Workforce Wellington Boot socks are long enough to reach the top of a boot and offer a comfy cushioned feel with an elasticated top. Very warm, a sensible price and I can share them with my husband.”


Work Force Socks – A review

“I’ve never expended much thought on socks. Handy (or perhaps that should be ‘footy’) as they are, they’re not an item that I’ve found stirs the heart. So I pulled on my sample pair of Work Force construction socks without a great deal of expectation. How little I know about the art of sockery.

These are not mere socks, dear reader. These are a foot enhancement.

I set off on my bike into the rolling mists of a grey Tuesday morning and found that I seemed to have greater traction on the pedals. The kind of ribbed, compact, almost solid base of the socks around the heels felt as if it might be cumbersome before I put them on. But this is simply not the case. The socks bring order to the feet. They felt stronger, better balanced. My feet felt confident.

And this confidence spread from my extremities to my mind. Yes: these delightful items improved my day physically- and mentally.

I’ve never reviewed a sock before, let alone a pair, so I have no frame of reference for building a realistic scoring system. However, taken the positive impact the things had on me into account, I have no choice but to award them top marks. 10/10.”


Max Salsbury

“I am really pleased with my Workforce socks. They are comfortable to wear and thick enough to protect my feet when wearing both work boots and wellingtons.

They are obviously a quality brand.”


Mary Heald – Gardener

“I am really pleased with my Workforce socks. They are comfortable to wear and thick enough to protect my feet when wearing both work boots and wellingtons.

They are obviously a quality brand.”



“I normally wear two pairs of socks with my work boots, (a pair of ordinary socks and a pair of sea-boot hose) but with Workforce, I only needed to wear that pair. The socks were worn with work boots and didn’t ride up or roll down which was excellent.

They were very comfortable to wear and the temperature didn’t vary. Also they washed very well too. They were excellent on all points!”


Neil Anderson – Ships Operations Manager

“Running a busy inland port I am exposed to harsh weather all the time. The Support and comfort obtained by your socks are second to none.

I look forward to helping trial your products in the future.”


Fiona – Farmer’s Wife

“My husband who is a farmer has been wearing them in his wellies and has found them comfortable and they seem to be wearing well and washing well. He says it is more difficult to get the right one on compared to the left, but once on it is fine, this may be because although he is a size 12 he is wearing the size 6-81/2 size that was sent as my prize which was enormous on my size 7 feet!

So all in all very pleased with the wear, feel and durability of the socks but the sizing needs serious reviewing!”


Simon Ewin – Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

“The Workforce Socks were very comfortable. The main bonus was that I only had to wear one pair of socks instead of two because they proved to have adequate support and padding for working in boots.

I also liked the Left and Right indicators on the socks to make sure you make the most of the design and cut properly.

I have not tested them in cold store conditions of minus 25 degrees centigrade yet but I will update you in their thermal performance as soon as I do.”


Shaun Whyley – Painter and Decorator

“Workforce socks performed to a good standard and did exactly what they promised. They were comfortable, warm, supportive and padded well in all the right places.”


Frost Magazine

“Workforce socks are really comfortable. So much so that I don’t think that I can go back to normal socks again. I am definitely going to buy these socks for my family and friends. They are so much more superior than normal socks. They are comfortable, tough and just so much kinder to your feet. I really like them. Consider me converted!”


Pauline Romney – Factory Worker

“These are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever had to wear with my steel toe caps. They are really good quality.

Also, the different stitching around certain areas of the foot meant that they felt cushioned and very protected. Considering the socks were only a little thicker than the ones I normally wear, my feet didn’t get too hot, even in this warm weather.”


The Press Association

“So many strategically placed cushion panels, arch supports, engineered heels and even bamboo – that’s right, bamboo! – have been built into these socks that you’ll feel bouncy enough to fight in the jungle with the SAS once you have got used to a tight grip just below the kneecap.

Tested for efficiency in stamping out painful TLDs (trouser leg draughts) in a snowstorm in eastern England, these socks scored an effortless 100%.

Honestly, there was not even a suggestion of a draught. My legs felt as though they were tucked in their own personal sleeping bags.

When the snow melted, I needed lighter trousers not to melt myself. The only other drawback I can think of is that you might need larger fitting shoes as the toe seam is such a formidable seal that my big toe was squeezed a tad by its nearest neighbour.
bq. One other clever touch is the left and right marking on each sock, which is rather useful on a chilly morning, and also means these socks fit snuggly as they are shaped to each foot.

Fill your boots with Workforce for the cold weather of 2013.”


Paul Kay – Gardening/Walking

“The fit around the foot and ankle is amazing. Workforce are very comfortable and supportive. Toe area is even very comfortable with no seams.”


Piers Elrington – An offshore worker

“The first thing I noticed when putting the socks on was that the block pattern design aids you in quickly and easily positioning them on your feet, there is left and right foot identification and a nice little picture of a cogwheel.

There is slight extra cushioning on the bridge of the foot and the calf/shin where low tops and boots can often rub.

They are thick, they feel robust and yet due to the pre fabricated holes on the body of the sock, they feel cool on the foot, during inactivity at least.

I work off shore and climb 300 steps and ladder rungs twice a night. The socks offer noticeably better comfort than previous ones and after a few washes show no signs of loosening or weakening.”


Hugo Montgomery-Swan – ‘Powerboat & Rib’ magazine

“Workforce Socks proved highly successful and all teams, without exception were hugely grateful for this product and its high degree of performance throughout the near 1000 mile voyage.”

Mr C Philips – Firefighter

“Workforce socks are excellent! They are comfortable, hardwearing and wash really well.”

Peter – DIY Enthusiast

“Workforce look incredibly smart and remained comfortable and itch free. They protected my feet and ankles through the whole duration of laying a new patio They’re great!”

Tom Thornberry – Construction Worker

“Workforce Comfort socks definitely live up to their name – Comfort. The best socks in the field bar none!”

Julian Doughty – Head Greenkeeper

“A really comfortable sock that is durable, hard wearing and kept its shape. I would highly recommend Workforce.”


Kim Waring – Landscaper

“Workforce are incredibly comfortable. They stay up without being tight, and are the best socks I have worn. They really are excellent, superb, outstanding socks.”


Doug Stewart – Gardening

“Workforce socks are incredible! They are very comfortable, with padding in exactly the right places. They don’t move on the foot and wash superbly. I could go on and on, but they are the best socks I have ever worn!”


Luke Annan – Builder

“I found Workforce socks to be incredibly warm and comfortable. They fitted perfectly with my boots and are definitely better than your average pair of socks.”


Glen Collie – Electrician

“Workforce are very comfortable and warm, it almost felt like I was wearing slippers. They’re a lot more comfortable than your average socks and they did provide relief from being on my feet all day.”


John Innarelli – Builder

“Absolutely 10 out of 10. No question. Workforce have left and right fittings in the same way shoes do, this meant extra comfort – more room for the big toe, snugger around the smaller toes. The Left and Right are actually on the toe part of the sock, ensuring you put them on the right foot.

Comfort wise, these socks are very comfortable. And although they establish that these socks will keep the foot from excessive moisture and sweating, in the icy conditions they also kept the foot warm and snug for the whole of a bitterly cold ten-hour day that had started at 6am. In addition, the socks are sturdy enough to offer real support for the ankle area and the arch of the foot, a really good selling point when the foot is going to be subjected to long hours in steel toe cap boots. I love them!”


Stuart Cripps – Painter and Decorator

“I wore my Workforce socks whilst I did some exterior painting work and they were great! They were very warm and comfortable. I put them through a warm wash and they suffered no shape damage or shrinkage. I would definitely recommend them.”


Jak Fearn – Builder

“I absolutely love Workforce socks and wouldn’t ever wear anything else for work. Not only do they keep my feet warm, but they keep them supported and make long days a little easier. Workforce socks are a really great product!”


Sam Clarke – Blogger

“Having spent several weeks wearing Workforce socks, I’m pleased to say that the ultimate work socks live up to their name. They have spent long 14 hour days with me, trudging across moorland in pursuit of deer, pheasant, woodcock and snipe without a hitch! Comfortable to wear in walking boots and wellies, the cushioning ensures there is no rubbing or uncomfortable seams, no falling down or vice like grip on the calf. An excellent sock I would recommend to anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.”


John Tipping – Road Sign Installer

“Workforce socks are soft and very warm. I was very pleased to have them throughout the past few weeks, as it has been extremely cold in the South East with lots of snow.”


Angus Melville – Biker

“As a biker, I find them very comfortable when wearing boots and they seem to grip – yet give comfort – in all the right places. Having spent many years traipsing around sites, these socks would have been a god-send. People pay a lot of money to get the right boot; they should lend the same care and attention to their choice of sock as well.”

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